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Hali Gali is a crazy carousel of various alternative sounds presented as an all-nighter. It’s a huge yearly meeting at the Belgrade club Drugstore focused on presenting the new Serbian music scene – a fire that burns bright with colors, sounds and performances. It’s also a chance to forge new friendships dedicated to those who love and those who are afraid of the dark. Hali Gali was created because people longed for something new – more clubbing, but also more rock’n’roll in clubbing! It emerges from a need to unite various local scenes and connect genres, instruments, humans and machines.

The first Hali Gali compilation was released in December 2019 on the Kišobran/Pop Depression label. It included many young and aspiring acts, but also showcased bands that were already considered important protagonists of the domestic music scene.

The second compilation is to be released in 2024 and will present three fresh young acts and seven bands that debuted on the first Hali Gali release. The goal of the new compilation is to present what the Serbian alternative scene sounds like five years later.

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