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“Retro yet fresh, just like a glass of sweetened lemonade, the guys and the girl are speeding 200 km/h through an electrifying repertoire, drawing influences from domestic new wave, Pixies and contemporary American indie wave, mixing it all in their crunchy noise pop guitar chaos.”

As young newcomers from the ear-splitting Belgrade guitar scene, which has grown even more in the past decade, Cactus Fields test the limits of growling melodies and tremoring rhythms. In 2022, they released their self-titled debut album, a pleasingly chaotic jumble of heavy noise guitars and cheeky glimpses of pop. With an exciting new path stretched in front of them, the four-piece has already toured all over Serbia, and their ecstatic shows are being praised as a must-see.

*Hali Gali is a crazy carousel of various alternative sounds presented as an all-nighter. It’s a huge yearly meeting at the Belgrade club Drugstore focused on presenting the new Serbian music scene.


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