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Photo:Aleš Rosa


Trg prekomorskih brigad 3

Kino Šiška is known for its two top-notch concert venues, the larger Katedrala Hall and its little sister Komuna Hall. But just as important for MENT are its multipurpose lobbies on the ground and first floor. Kino Šiška has been the central Slovenian institution of the contemporary concert scene since 2009, complemented by activities in visual and performing arts. It hosts more than 300 events with over 100,000 visitors a year. United brands of Kino Šiška have become part of the distinctive cultural image of Slovenia: the MENT Ljubljana festival and conference, the DobraVaga gallery, the CoFestival international festival of contemporary dance, the Tinta international comics festival and the first primary and secondary school band league in Slovenia Špil liga. 



Photo:Andraž Kajžer

Masarykova 24

Metelkova City is an autonomous social and cultural center with a rich historic heritage and unique aesthetic. It is widely considered one of the most important venues dedicated to youth and independent culture in Slovenia. With its relaxed atmosphere, visible artistic expression and musical diversity, it contributes immensely to downtown Ljubljana. MENT Festival takes place in the clubs Channel Zero, Gala hala, Klub Gromka and Menza pri Koritu.



Photo:Aleš Rosa

AKC Metelkova mesto

For the past two decades, the largest club of Metelkova has been a hub for independent music production. Gala hala is home to stylistically diverse DJ nights, hip hop parties, workshops, international concerts and countless other music events. Also, a midsummer visit of Gala's summer garden is a must. 


Foto:Maša Gojič


AKC Metelkova mesto

Established in 1993, Metelkova's most dancefloor-oriented club is home to late-night raves and boundless guitar sounds. Channel Zero is famous for its bass-friendly sound system, but it also has a mezzanine that offers a bird's-eye view of the stage and dance floor.



Foto:Lenart Lukšič

AKC Metelkova mesto

Punk, hardcore, sludge… the hardest and most resistant genres thrive at Gromka. But this is in fact a club with an extremely diverse program that also includes free improvisation and jazz nights, literary evenings and alternative theater. 



Foto:Katja Goljat

AKC Metelkova mesto

The legendary column in the middle of Menza's stage should by now be part of Slovenia's cultural heritage. Who knows how many pole dance routines by musicians from all around the world have been performed on this mythical piece of metal. Menza is a club that supports the independent, the informal and the peculiar.


Photo:Nada Zgank


Slomškova 18

Once a revolutionary factory, today a producer of culture. This stunning technical monument is one of the few examples of industrial age architecture in Slovenia- The venue is mainly focused on theater productions, this is what makes the rare musical events even more special. 



Photo:Miran Kambič

Poljanski nasip 40

Since the opening of Cukrarna in September 2021, the Slovenian capital has a new space for the presentation of contemporary art where the processes of articulation of thought, production and presentation of contemporary art projects – in the fields of visual, intermedia, performance, sound, music and other forms of art – can take place. It was founded in 1828 as a sugar refinery, which developed rapidly over the following decades, becoming the first real factory in the region and, by the middle of the 19th century, the largest sugar refinery in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Following a colourful history with various occupants in the 20th century, the building was renovated between 2018 and 2021 and handed over to the public institution Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML). Due to its status as a cultural monument, it was renovated accordingly, preserving the appearance of the roof and its original exterior with 366 windows.



Photo:Juta Kozar

Kotnikova 4

After World War II, a student hall of residence found its home in this building. The rooms were crammed with students, who were forced to sleep in triple bunk beds. They had no classroom, no room for free time activities. They studied in their rooms, often in their beds. The only larger common room was a hall in which they soon started to organize balls. After rediscovering this hidden gem in 2020, we’re happy to be back in this lovely seated venue.


Photo:Marcel Obal


Zorica is a fresh Ljubljana bar with a large terrace, opened in the summer of 2021 just above the legendary club K4 with which it is directly connected via a staircase. It is an outdoor and indoor venue for DJ nights, concerts, clothing and vinyl markets, presentations and a variety of new event series, which serves as an extension or, if you will, “younger sister” of the adjacent club. Together with a hostel operating just above the two venues, the complex known as  Lok4cija marks a new chapter in the history of the legendary address on Kersnikova 4



Photo:Bernarda Conic

Kersnikova 4

Klub K4 is the most important basement in Ljubljana for more than 3 decades. With its vast number of curated nights that include local crews, new talents and international superstars from techno, house, trap, electro and other scenes, K4 is something worth experiencing.

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