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When and where is MENT taking place?

In 2024, MENT will take place between February 21st and 24th. Beginning in the late afternoon, the opening night on Wednesday will be traditionally held at Kino Šiška. On Thursday and Friday the conference will take place at Kino Šiška, M hotel and the Slovenian Computer Museum throughout the day while the concert programme will begin at Kino Šiška and continue at different venues across the city. On Saturday we start in the evening with a full on dance away with CE/MENT at Kino Šiška.

How to perform at MENT?

Applications for MENT 2024 are closed. We are planning to open the applications for MENT 2025 in April 2024.


Which ticket should I buy?


If you'd like to attend both the conference and the festival, buy one of the available PRO tickets. If you're interested in just the concerts, buy a festival or day ticket.

How do I get to Ljubljana?


Ljubljana is located in Central Slovenia. The nearest airport is Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport /, half an hour by car from the city centre. Other nearby airports are Trieste (Italy, 1h30 by car), Zagreb (Croatia, 1h45 by car), Venice and Treviso (Italy, 2h30 by car) and Klagenfurt (Austria, 1h30 by car). Other nearby cities are  Rijeka (Croatia, 2h by car), Graz (Austria, 2h15 by car), Udine (Italy, 2h15 by car), Vienna (Austria, 4h by car), Budapest (Hungary, 4h30 by car), Bratislava (Slovakia, 4h30 by car), Munich (Germany, 4h30 by car) and Belgrade (Serbia, 5h by car).


We recommend using Nomago for airport transfers. Use the discount code MENT24.
You can also rent Nomago Bikes. Use the discount code MENT24. 

There are also railway connections.

How do I get around Ljubljana?


There are regular LPP public buses all over the city, and you can also choose from several taxi services. It takes 10 minutes by car or 30 minutes on foot to get from the centre of Ljubljana to Kino Šiška.


Bus: one bus ride costs 1.30 €. Find more info about the payment options here.
But don't worry, a free MENT bus will connect Kino Šiška and Metelkova in the evenings (February 22nd and 23rd) – just show your wristband to the driver.


Taxi: a typical ride (from Kino Šiška to Metelkova, about 3.5 km) costs around 6€.


Taxi Metro: (+386) 080 1190 / 041 240 200 / mobile app

Taxi Cammeo: (+386) 01 777 1212 

Taxi Laguna: (+386) 080 1233 / 080 1117      

Taxi Intertours: (+386) 031 311 311 


Where to stay?

There are many accommodation options in Ljubljana, but do not delay your reservations. You should know that part of the festival and most of the conference takes place at Kino Šiška (3 km from the city centre). Other venues reserved for Thursday and Friday are located in the city centre.


Where to eat?  


The restaurant Pri Vodniku is an authentic Slovenian old school inn just 5 minutes away from Kino Šiška – a perfect spot for those keen on trying traditional culinary specialities.


The double restaurant Maharaja / Himalaja is a haven for Asian cuisine just 5 minutes away from Kino Šiška. Maharaja serves Indian while Himalaja serves Nepalese food. At the former, you sit in chairs, and at the latter, you relax on the floor.


You can find more restaurants in the city centre.  


Useful Slovenian phrases:  

- Hello! / Dober dan.

- Goodbye. / Nasvidenje.     

- Where is...? / Kje je...?       

- Can I get a beer, please? / Eno pivo, prosim. 

- Cheers! / Na zdravje!  

- This band rocks! / Ta bend je zakon!  

- I love MENT. / Ljubim MENT.

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