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MENT presents a series of mentoring sessions covering various fields of the music industry. The mentoring sessions format is a 60-minute session with 5 pre-registered participants. The sessions are participant-led – the mentor will offer only a brief introduction to their background, and the rest of the session will be spent on answering and discussing the questions asked by the participants. Review the mentor’s profile, research the topic and your challenges, and prepare questions – it's up to you to make the most out of it.

Closed sessions. The applications are closed.

Richelli_Anita Richeli_ang.png

Anita Richelli

(brighter agency, Most Wanted: Music, DE)

Anita is the manager of the Italian artist Any Other, a booking agent and concert promoter. She runs her own company, brighter agency. During high school she started organising gigs in her DIY place called Casetta Lou Fai in her hometown Verona. Later, she joined the cultural association Interzona, where she was responsible for the music program and communication. In 2012, she spent some time at the Rex Cultural Centre in Belgrade. In Berlin since 2010, she has worked for different booking agencies, promoters and festivals, beside working as independent promoter. Since 2022, she is in charge of booking for the showcase part of Most Wanted: Music, Berlin's most important music business event.

ms_Jan Clausen_ang.png

Jan Clausen


Jan is Partner and co-chief at FACTORY 92, a Hamburg-based agency, which offers PR, marketing, consulting and management services targeting the international music industry. They are working for european festivals like Roskilde, Sziget Festival, or for the tour agency MCT with bands like Björk or Katy Perry and labels like Secretly Canadian and Sub Pop and last but not least doing Management for amazing artist like freekind. and Kinderzimmer Productions. Jan has been a music industry professional for over 20 years, making him both experienced, connected and respected profile in the highly competitive music industry.

ms_Jule Konrad_ang.png

Jule Konrad

(FMLY Agency, UK)

Originally from Hamburg, Jule Konrad is now living in Brighton, UK, where she is an agent at FMLY Agency. She is representing artists from all over the world (Thumpasaurus, Pussy Riot:Riot Days, Real Lies, CLT DRP, UTO, etc.) worldwide excluding North America. Jule is trying to do her bit to make the world a better and more diverse space where everyone feels welcome.

ms_Chris Cooke_ang.png

Chris Cooke


Chris is co-founder and MD of CMU (Central Music Update), a company that helps people navigate and understand the music business through media like the CMU Daily bulletin and Setlist podcast; a consultancy unit and training business; and a future talent programme. Chris writes, talks, teaches and consults about the music industry and wrote the acclaimed Dissecting The Digital Dollar book and Music Copyright Explained guide. His business 3CM UnLimited also publishes ThisWeek Culture and ThreeWeeks Edinburgh.

ms_Rok Kosir_ang.png

Rok Košir

(R.O.K. Booking & Management, SI)

As head of the R.O.K. Booking & Management agency, Rok is responsible for various bands from Slovenia (Širom, Etceteral, Bakalina Velika) and the region (Lenhart Tapes, Damir Imamović) as well as from other parts of the world (Monsieur Doumani, Dal:um). Besides being a member of the administrative board at the Slovenian Music Information Centre (SIGIC), he is involved in the production of numerous event series and festivals. In the past, he was a member of the programme committee and acting director at the Druga godba institute.

ms_Lydia Kirschstein_ang.png

Lydia Kirschstein

(Trinifold Management, UK)

Lydia joined London-based artist management company Trinifold Management in 2014. Trinifold represents The Who, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Judas Priest, UB40 feat. Ali Campbell as well as emerging artists such as The Holy and Lake Jons. During her first two years at the company, she was a sync manager seeking out licensing opportunities for Trinifold's catalogue of songs in advertising, film, TV, and games. Then, she went on to manage various new artists and currently represents Finnish bands The Holy and Lake Jons.

ms_Mateja Lazar_ang.png

Mateja Lazar

(Motovila, CED Slovenia, SI)

Mateja, co-founder and director of the Motovila Institute, is an expert in international cooperation in the cultural and creative sectors (CCSs). She specialises in EU programmes and policies, and has over 20 years of experience in consultancy and training aimed at strengthening the capacities of CCSs and promoting cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation. She is head of the Creative Europe Desk Slovenia and actively involved in European networks, in particular Culture Action Europe and On the Move, where she also serves as a board member.

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