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We are thrilled to announce that the Befaco collective is coming to open the new Modul@rnice workshop season, which is once again happening as part of MENT Festival!


Whether you are an experienced user looking to build as much synths as possible or a beginner eager to learn soldering and dive into DIY, we have got you covered. With the help of experienced mentors, you will build a device from the Befaco collection of your own choice and gain knowledge on how to use it best.



DAY 1 and 2: Building
For the first two days, we will focus on assembling the kits. Manu and Silvia will guide you through the soldering process. Participants can choose to only come for a day and build a simple module or come both days to build a complex module or even two or three of them.


DAY 3: Q&A

Everyone is welcome to join for a discussion and hands-on fun with the synths that will be built as well as the ones kept in the synth library at osmo/za!


After you decide which module you would like to build, apply by sending an email to and specifically state which kits you would like to reserve. All participants will receive an email regarding the payment process. The workshop will be held in English. The number of participants is limited. Applications are open until 13 February! 


The price list is available here. For additional info about individual synths, please visit the Befaco website and check under the MODULES tab:

If you are in doubt or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Manu at


Please note that modular synthesis is not cheap (but it is highly addictive!). The cost of workshop materials is still way lower than ordering the items on the market. We are offering two free spots in case you are not sure if you’d like to dig into or not: Don’t worry if you can’t afford to cover the materials – you are still kindly invited to attend and actively participate in the workshop. In this case, though, the final product won’t be yours, but the two devices from the workshop will always be available to our community as part of the synth library at osmo/za.



Manu Retamero is an engineer by training and sound experimenter by passion. Since 2008, he has participated in improvisation and sound experimentation projects such as Lautstärke, smëgg and Thunderdrone, performing at art centers such as Worm (Rotterdam), STEIM (Amsterdam) and Zinc (Marseille), and participating in multimedia shows in places like Osaka, Helsinki and Montreal. He has been part of the 8bit netlabel Lowtoy and the Familiar collective. Currently, he is a core member of the Befaco eurorack manufacturer as a designer and instructor. He also runs the Synth Vicious label in Barcelona.

Silvia Tolari is a music and technology lover, originally from Italy, and living in Barcelona for more than 10 years now. She is a part of Befaco team and helps developing Eurorack modular tools.


Projekt Atol Institute, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and MENT Festival. Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.

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