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foto: Tina Stariha


Trg prekomorskih brigad 3

Kino Šiška is known for its two top-notch concert venues, the larger Katedrala Hall and its little sister Komuna Hall. But just as important for MENT are its multipurpose lobbies on the ground and first floor. Kino Šiška has been the central Slovenian institution of the contemporary concert scene since 2009, complemented by activities in visual and performing arts. It hosts more than 300 events with over 100,000 visitors a year. United brands of Kino Šiška have become part of the distinctive cultural image of Slovenia: the MENT Ljubljana festival and conference, the DobraVaga gallery, the CoFestival international festival of contemporary dance, the Tinta international comics festival and the first primary and secondary school band league in Slovenia Špil liga. 


foto: Maša Gojić


Derčeva ulica 4

Since the first edition of MENT, our 4-star partner hotel, which even shares walls with Kino Šiška, has been a conference venue with its many halls for lectures, workshops and meetings.


foto: Kaja Brezočnik


Celovška 111

If this venue looks familiar, you should revisit the MENT Session with Molchat Doma. On that occasion, our neighbours welcomed us with open arms. A stone's throw from Kino Šiška, The Computer Museum officially opened last year, although the project has been running for the past 19 years. The museum is located in the “Šiška Trade House”, a building by the renowned Slovenian architect Miloš Bonča. The building, which is part of our monumental heritage, is characterised by a functionalist spatial design with an open floor plan, an attractive central suspended concrete staircase and a glazed exterior.

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