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Whether you're a music enthusiast, industry professional or simply curious about emerging artists and trends, MENT Ljubljana offers a platform for discovering new sounds and connecting with the music scene.

MENT Ljubljana is an annual music showcase and conference held in the capital city of Slovenia. The festival serves as a meeting point for artists, music professionals and music lovers from around the world. Its primary focus is on promoting emerging talent, fostering creativity and facilitating networking opportunities within the music industry.


Live Performances:

We host a lineup of mostly up-and-coming musicians and artists from various genres. Prepare yourself for an eclectic mix of electronic, experimental, rock, hip-hop and other sounds. 

Schedule / Artists / Locations / Playlist

Networking and Collaboration:

MENT offers various opportunities for networking and collaboration such as speed networking, MENToring sessions and receptions. Engage in conversations with fellow music enthusiasts, connect with industry professionals and forge meaningful relationships within the music community. Use the online delegates database to find out who else is coming, and connect with them.

Schedule / Programme / Speakers / Receptions / Speed networking / MENToring sessions / Locations

Conference Programme:

 Alongside the music showcases, the festival also features a conference programme. Industry experts, artists and professionals share their insights and experiences through panels, workshops and interviews. It’s an opportunity to gain knowledge, exchange ideas and explore the latest trends in the music industry.


A collaborative part of MENT with curated stages, a poster exhibition and a modular synth building workshop. 

appointMENT (poster exhibition)

Dirty Skunks Stage

Hali Gali Stage

Liveurope Stage

Modul@rnice (Modular Synth Building Workshop)

Moonlee Stage

Val202 Stage 


Research and Discover:

Before attending the festival, familiarise yourself with the lineup and schedule. Take the time to explore the featured artists, listen to their music and identify the performances you don't want to miss. Another option: Just go for it!

Create Your Personal Schedule:

Once you've identified the must-see acts, create a personalised schedule to ensure you make the most of your time at the festival. Prioritise the artists you're most excited about while leaving room for exploration and discovery.

Use our MENT Ljubljana 2024 mobile app made by TimeSquare to personalise your schedule.

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