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“Are you a DJ who likes to mess with crowds? Do you enjoy toeing the line between a pleasurable experience and a potentially unsettling one? Well, here's a track for you. "Lost," by the Serbian producer Stevie Whisper, real name Stefan Unkovic, a disgustingly slow and psychedelic chugger that's layered with someone screaming the letters of the English alphabet.”

Having grown up in the vibrant hardcore scene of the 2000s in the Serbian capital, Stefan Unkovic, also known as Stevie Whisper, stands out as one of the most notable pillars of the underground culture in the city. Besides being a DJ, producer, promoter and visual artist, he also owns a record label and organises a series of parties called YES. Moreover, he’s a long-time resident at the legendary Belgrade nightclub Drugstore. Style: non-dogmatic. Approach: punk.

*Hali Gali is a crazy carousel of various alternative sounds presented as an all-nighter. It’s a huge yearly meeting at the Belgrade club Drugstore focused on presenting the new Serbian music scene.


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