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MENT SESSION every Wednesday

MENT is an award-winning music discovery festival. At its latest pre-COVID edition (Feb 2020), 80 acts from 26 countries performed at various venues over three days. The international conference focuses on the music industry and creativity. In 2021 MENT moved to June and performed 9 consecutive concert evenings with an international program. In 2022, the festival returns to a three-day format with an international conference. See you at MENT 2022: 8-10 JUNE.


Executive producer, artistic director & project manager: Andraž Kajzer

Production assistant: Jera Topolovec
Social media & promotion: Dominika Maša Kozar
Social media assistant on set: Tjaša Lea Kosmatin
Public Relations: Jaša Bužinel
Bureaucracy: Mitja Bravhar & Urška Črnič

Produced by Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture
On behalf of Kino Šiška: Simon Kardum



Recorded and mixed by Jure Vlahovič


SBO mixed by Luka Seliškar
Etceteral mixed by Rok Zalokar

Mastered by Gregor Zemljič
Recorded at Kino Šiška.
Technical Manager: Matej Bobič

Monitor mix & backup recording: Nenad Mušnjak
Stage technician: Matevž Ftičar

Light operator: Jure Rubelj


Produced by Diskont (

Co-producer & co-director: Miha Brodarič
Co-director & AD: Jan Kikelj
Director of photography & camera 1: Matic Zavodnik
Co-producer & camera 2: Rok Berglez
Art director & graphics designer: Nina Vrhovec
The Grip & light technician & assistant: Nejc Hafner
The Grip & light technician & assistant: Luka Karlin
Scene builder: Uroš Vovk

Insan - Nova geta ◎ MENT Session
Toyota Vangelis - Marie ◎ MENT Session
Lelee - Čudo ◎ MENT Session
Ivan Grobenski - Črna megla ◎ MENT Session
Vazz - Kaktus ◎ MENT Session
Iztok Koren - Evforija konca ◎ MENT Session
Trokut - Möbius Strip ◎ MENT Session
rouge-ah - для даши ◎ MENT Session
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