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BubblesFractals (Amadej Plesničar) is a representative of the younger generation of Slovenian VJs. His distinctive cyber-solarpunk style of live generative visualisations has left a mark on the Slovenian club and live music circuit. In 2022, he participated in the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory (Data Landscapes) and co-created the artwork Samooskrba with Mark Plahuta and the Beam Team. His debut performance at A/V2V #2 defined his path in the field of live music visualisations, boosting his career. In addition to his VJ residency at the K4 club, he has performed at numerous other clubs and festivals.

VJ 5237 (Stella Ivšek) is an intermedia artist and VJ. Her interdisciplinary work is split between live sound visualisation, mapped video projection and set design. As a video and visualisation designer, she has performed at various domestic and international clubs, concert venues and theatres. With the Beam Team collective, she is active in the field of audio-visual installations and collaborative live visualisations. In recent years, she has also been an active mentor (V2V, Light Guerrilla Lab) and supporter of the younger generation of local VJs.

VJ BubblesFractals: INSTAGRAM



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