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3 sold out days

76 artists from 20 countries

700 delegates from 31 countries

more than 6000 visitors

Big THANKS to the whole team, all the venues, all the artists, all the Specials, all the speakers and of course thanks to everyone for getting MENTal with us!

Thanks to the main producer of the event: Kino Šiška and the co-producer of the conference: SIGIC & Music Slovenia

Thanks to all the supporters: Mestna občina Ljubljana, Ministrstvo za kulturo, Liveurope, Creative Europe, A1, Bevog, Tunecore, Yamaha, Avstrijski Kulturni Forum, Institut Francais

Thanks to all the partners: M Hotel, Hotel Park, Hostel Celica, Nomago, HEMI, ESNS Exchange, Europe In Sync, Belem, Creative Europe, DobraVaga, LPP, Sonica, Mota, Shape+, Runda, Merlin, Impala, Cukrarna Bunker, European Music Business Training, Pendl, Zavod Projekt Atol, Inštitut Abeceda, TimeSquare, Eventim, Motovila, Keychange

Thanks to all of the export offices: Baltic focus! Music Estonia, Music Latvia, Lithuanian Music Business Association, Lithuanian Council For Culture, Baltic Fund We Move Music Croatia, Serbia Creates, Lala Slovak Music Export, SoundCzech, Austrian Music Export, HOTS, CNM - Your French Music Partner, Italia Music Export

Thanks to all media partners: Mladina, Radio Študent, Full Moon Magazine, The Quietus,, Tam-tam, Europlakat, Zaslon, In Your Pocket

There's no MENT without you. See you next year at MENT #10!


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