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“The essence of Oholo! definitely lies in their pure love for playing music as well as playing with the music. It’s impossible to overlook the fact that the guys go wide and deep in their practice, without any reservations and full on, and they also persistently avoid recycling the history of improvised music. At best, they only recycle themselves, but in doing so they remain a distinct and progressive domestic outfit.” Gregor Bauman, Odzven

Oholo! is conflict. Camaraderie without a final consensus. A collective of individuals. Different selves united through selfless jazz. Boomers, but from a younger and middle-aged generation. Visions of the past. A reflection of the perpetual questioning of one and the same. However, Oholo! is also an interminable action, a collection of sweaty bodies. Hitting a bare wall, just below the nail on which a painting once hung. The septet Oholo! creates at the intersection of improvised and composed music. In the past seven years, they’ve regularly performed in Slovenia and abroad. In 2020, they released their debut album Mnogobolje, and they’re currently working on new material.


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