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“Divjak makes music for those who believe in experimentation outside established styles as well as those for whom the studio has not overshadowed the essence of music, proposing a uniquely emotive and nuanced vision of bass music.”

Known for his innovative experimental soundscapes and intricate sample-based production skills, Mark Divjak has been making waves in the industry for over a decade. The Slovenian bass music producer and DJ first gained prominence as one half of the now disbanded dubstep duo DubDiggerz. His output as a DJ and producer breaks musical boundaries, forming a genre-bending compound of grime, footwork, dubstep, jungle, hip-hop and electro. Mark is founder of the renowned dubstep imprint DeepEnd! and new label NO KLAN Recordings, and he also hosts two radio shows on Noods Radio (UK) and Radio Študent (SI), showcasing his talent as a curator and selector.


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