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Marie Pravda
“I don't know who she is but now she is my fav! What a mixing skill, what music she plays, like omg!” @goth4noireason, Youtube

As a relatively new face on the Czech scene, Marie Pravda has quickly become one of its most acclaimed talents. In 2020, she joined the Planeta Za artist collective and kicked off her Planeta Pravda club series the year after. She is a regular at the club Ankali and a member of Gravity Network artist collective. Pravda has performed all around Europe, including at clubs like Berghain, Jasna 1 and Garage Noord, and she recently toured South America. She is an avid digger who follows threads of music others rarely stumble upon. Understanding DJing as a method of storytelling, she plays with melancholy and euphoria while pushing forward cutting-edge electronic music.


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