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“Her mixes cross different genres and her agenda is, above all, to spread the irresistible goodness of music.”

Lottie is a young music enthusiast exploring the depths of different electronic music genres. She started her career as a DJ in her teens and a strong desire to discover the alternative scene propelled her out into the world. She is a fan of different electronic music genres, from experimental ambient to harder club sounds. She has performed at numerous festivals and club events such as Butik, Keep In Mind Festival, Od:vod, Drops Festival, Spider Festival, Sw:idr, SOLVD, Disconnection, Void, K4 Roza and Ambientalno. Recently, she rocked the dancefloor at the Munich-based clubs Legal and Peak Tanzbar, and last summer the Berlin-based production crew The MUDD Show filmed her memorable performance at Butik Festival.


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