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Los Bitchos Are Joining the Festive Opening of MENT #10

Kick off MENT 2024 with a bang! The phenomenal psychedelic cumbia band Los Bitchos is taking center stage on the opening night. Brace yourselves for an electrifying fusion of Latin American rhythms, surf-rock vibes, and grooves that will set the perfect tone for the entire festival. After an unfortunate cancellation of their performance at MENT 2020, we’re now finally bringing Los Bitchos to Ljubljana, stronger than ever, to open the celebrations for our 10th anniversary on Wednesday, 21 February 2024.

Let the festivities begin! The energetic London-based pancontinental, mostly instrumental four-piece Los Bitchos are undoubtedly one of the breakthrough bands of 2022. Their unique sound is a signature blend of Peruvian chicha, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych and wavy surf guitars. Their debut album Let the Festivities Begin!, released in 2022, brings a sense of discovery, while the lack of vocals gives the sound a uniquely communal feel as if each song is a conversation between equals.

“Los Bitchos’ Let the Festivities Begin! is retro, wide-reaching, and as festive as the title promises [...] Here, we coast on vibes and guitar licks, navigating a surf-rock odyssey by way of Argentine cumbia, Peruvian chicha, and Turkish psych.”



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