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The KRI label is a project by two veteran DJs who, faced with the emptiness of quarantine and midlife crisis, embarked on a mission to release music both from established and young producers which they would enjoy playing in the club.

Schrauff and Lavka originate from different electronic music backgrounds. The strict Teutonic techno aesthetic and joyful house escapism first joined forces in the Lost Tapes event series, exploring acidic club vibes and introducing Ljubljana audiences to names like Helena Hauff and Intergalactic Gary. Their passion for acid expanded into EBM, electro and wave, and at this gritty intersection in 2021 KRI released its first record – the debut EP by the Black Dot duo, who later went on to release music on renowned labels such as Osare! Editions and Mechatronica.

In just over a year, KRI has launched six releases that were rinsed at Dekmantel Festival and on NTS Radio among others. The label has collaborated with Keep in Mind Festival and hosted Black Dot at the K4 club. When the head honchos aren’t pushing their producers to share the label's Instagram stories, they record mixes for Rinse France and jeopardize their financial security with an ambitious schedule of upcoming releases. One such example is the sixth installment, featuring material by the legendary Slovenian 80s post-punk/industrial project O! Kult along with proper club remixes.




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