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“When it comes to musical mischievousness combined with exuberant lyrics, Kavasutra belong to the legacy of Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Rambo Amadeus and generally oppositional, unconventional rock, which isn’t afraid to put everything on the table, while at the same time questioning its own sanity, which is nowadays almost a prerequisite to start the day.” Andrej Dujc, Radio Študent

Apart from their passion for mischievous wordplays and double entendres, Kavasutra is also a very sparkling and exuberant collective when it comes to music. The musically proficient youngsters from the Goriška region prove all of the above in their exploratory jazz-rock expression. Like their great idol Frank Zappa, they tend to avoid speaking about genres. Their cocktail of musical styles and techniques, sometimes with a bit of funk and psychedelia, can sometimes sound like very complicated and difficult stuff to play, but the guys, all seasoned improvisers, do it with playful ease.


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