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“Berlin three-piece Kara Delik kicked off proceedings with their unique mixture of post-punk, 1970’s inspired Anatolian rock music and Krautrock. Combined with saz (Turkish long neck lute) playing, Baris Öner’s dedicated vocals added a touch of mystic traditional Turkish folklore vibes.”

Taking inspiration from Anatolian rock music of the 70s, krautrock and 80s punk as well as their diverse experiences in Berlin’s lively underground culture, Kara Delik plays with washed out vocals, driving yet complex rhythms, gritty bass lines and hints of traditional Turkish folk music. At times more experimental and post-punk, with a touch of shoegaze, they bring a new perspective to alternative music. In 2022, they released their debut EP Tamam and have continued with a string of short EPs that push the exploration of their distinctive hypnotic sound even further.

This performance is supported by UPBEAT.


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