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“This is an album that can have us dreaming of warm summer evenings standing in fields and hugging all our friends as well as the occasional stranger. It’s honest and celebratory, compassionate and full of goodwill.” Keith Goldhanger, LOUDER THAN WAR

One of the most artistically defined mainstays of the UK jazz and electronic scene, Sweden-based, British-born-Nigerian musician and poet carries an undeniable talent. His work floats above various sounds, from soul to future garage, as it touches different social and cultural topics such as identity, politics and communication. From poetry to technology, from frontman to collaborator, Joshua has left his mark on a number of collaborators, including The Comet Is Coming and Sons of Kemet. More recently, he formed the spiritual jazz crew Calabashed along with Alabaster DePlume, but in 2023, Joshua continues his journey as a solo artist, releasing the mixtape Learn To Swim.


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