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This one was beyond all expectations. It wasn’t an easy one (well it never is), with lots of ups and downs on the way. With high expectations around the number 10, with all reflections considering this anniversary, which is only a number but at the same time a milestone for the team, for the event, for Šiška and for those who visit regularly. But we had a blast. From the traditional Wednesday mega meeting at Šiška to the Thursday pouring music over to the city. Friday was a trip on its own, with the magic castle, our first metal stage and to the crazy Friday Metelkova vibes. The finale, CE/MENT at Kino Šiška was one of a kind. We couldn’t wish for a better finish, making the very first all-nighter at Šiška. There is always room for improvement but this one MENTs a million to us. But everything would be nothing. Without you. The team, the artists, the speakers, the delegates, the Specials, the volunteers, the audience and everyone involved in MENT. So that’s one big THANK YOU to all of you being a huge part of what we love to do. Thank you Kino Šiška for all the 10 years, thank you SIGIC & Music Slovenia for making the conference with us. Thank you Ljubljana Castle for the co-production, thanks to all the venues: Stara mestna elektrarna, Gala hala, Channel Zero, Klub Gromka, Menza pri koritu, Orto bar, K4, Zorica, M hotel, Računalniški muzej, DobraVaga Thank you supporters: Mestna občina Ljubljana, Ministrstvo za kulturo, Sava, Energetika, Upbeat, Liveurope, TuneCore, A1, Bevog, Avstrijski kulturni forum, Francoski inštitut, Red Bull

Thank you partners: M hotel, Hotel Park, Hostel Celica, Nomago, HEMI, ESNS Exchange, Europe in Sync, DobraVaga, Stara mestna elektrarna & Bunker, LPP, SAZAS, The Orchard, Runda, Merlin, Zavod projekt ATOL, TimeSquare, Eventim, Motovila, Keychange, Rejv utopija, Apillon

Thank you export offices: Belgium Booms (WBM & VI.BE), SoundCzech, HOTS, LaLa Slovak Music Export, CNM, Initiative Musik, Serbia Creates, We Move Music Croatia, Austrian Music Export, Ater Fondazione & Emilia-Romagna, Music Estonia, Dutch Music Export Thank you media partners: Val 202, Mladina, Radio Študent, Full Moon Magazine,, Tam-Tam, Europlakat, Zaslon

See you next year! Up to #11!


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