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“While Hexis undoubtedly draws much comparison to the blackened hardcore/sludge of Celeste, Oathbreaker, The Secret, and even Amenra, there’s a liturgical element about them.”

Hexis emerged in Denmark in 2010, following the DIY-spirit of the hardcore punk scene and simultaneously taking inspiration in the black metal sound. With over 800 shows, from the Faroe Islands to New Zealand and from Cuba to Mongolia, under their belt, these guys are the archetype of a hard-working and hard-hitting band. Combining the energy of hardcore with the desolation of black metal, and throwing in bits and pieces of doom and sludge, they have crafted three full-length albums, countless EPs and split releases. Hexis are famous for their intense live shows that took them to high ranking festivals such as Roskilde, Bloodstock and Roadburn.


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