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Before we head into the holiday break, we reveal 16 new conference speakers:

Ana Castillo (Sony Music Spain, ES) 

 Annabella Coldrick (Music Managers Forum, UK) 

  Brandon Rosenbluth (LittleBig Agency, SI)  

   Chris Cooke (Complete Music Update, UK) 

    Holger Jan Schmidt (Yourope, Das Fest, DE) 

     Jehan Paumero (Believe, HU/FR) 

      Jeroen van den Bogert (EBB Music, NL)

       Jule Konrad (FMLY Agency, UK) 

        Katja Thalerova (Sharpe Festival, LALA,  SK) 

         Klara Zupančič (Val 202, SI) 

          Nela Peshovska (Password Production, MK) 

           Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity, UK) 

            Nina Maštruko (ZEZ Festival, HR) 

             Rob McGee (One Fiinix Live, UK) 

              Sohail Arora (KRUNK, Rafiki, IN) 

               Zoltan Jakab (Doomstar Bookings, HU)

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the conference programme will be even more extensive, both in terms of content and speakers. Among the newly announced names, don’t forget to check the exciting list of booking agents from agencies such as EBB Music, LittleBig Agency, FMLY Agency, One Fiinix Live and Doomstar Bookings. 

The conference also brings 6 speed networking sessions with music professionals from Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, where you will get the chance to make new friends and forge professional ties. Another novelty are the mentoring sessions, where small groups of people will get the chance to ask experts from different fields of the music business anything about a particular topic. 

The full conference programme and all speakers will be revealed in mid-January.


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