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“At 9:06pm they were done! I tell you what, I haven’t boogied around this must for quite some time. This has been an almost spiritual experience, and although I go to many, many gigs a year, I strongly suspect that this performance will rank in my Top 5 of 2023. Need I say any more, other than: ‘Baby’s Berserk…When are you coming back?’”

Baby's Berserk was born in a laboratory back in 2020. Tired of being in bands with unruly and unpredictable humans, Mano Hollestelle set out to create a group of high precision robots to play post-punk music with. His outdated technology of floppy disks and cassette tapes was interrupted when a 90s rave mixtape was mistakenly inputted. The punk bots now understood the true love and joy of dance music and could never be reset to factory settings again. Their debut self-titled album released back in September resonates with an irresistible selection of funk and dance moves.


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