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“If the studio album, with all its emotionality, is pure algorithmic music for robots, then transhumanism is in full swing.”


A brainchild of singer-songwriter Alicja Sobstyl, the art pop project Artificialice blends blissful electronic pop with swift rhythms and strong lyrics that aim to uplift, liberate and heal. Eluding any genre classifications, her debut album Prisoners of Expectations is permeated with cutting-edge sounds in the vein of Sophie and Arca, combined with lush acoustic brushes. Artificialice's Björk-like vocals guide us through surprisingly eclectic songs with a strong character, each telling a story about discovering your identity and freeing yourself from your own as well as others' expectations.

Supported by Liveurope. Liveurope is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 


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