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“It was really nice to see a band that has left a special, strong mark on the regional independent scene with its music, determination and approach, especially for those who haven't had the chance to see them live in the past.”

Formed in 1997, Analena is a cult post-punk/screamo band from Zagreb. Although they have only released three albums, they have played hundreds of shows across Europe, building a large and loyal fanbase that fell in love with their energetic, passionate and uncompromising DIY approach. Analena's galaxy of noise ranges from post-punk and indie power pop to rock and hardcore. The band has been considerably less active over the last decade due to their displacement between Zagreb, Ljubljana and the UK, but Moonlee Records’ 20th anniversary provides a great opportunity to again join forces on stage. Importantly, Analena was the founder of the label, which launched in 2004 with their debut album Carbon Based. Simply put, without Analena there would be no Moonlee!


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