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“Among the younger Slovenian bands, MRFY are certainly the greatest masters of genre-bending. They have repeatedly stated that they don’t want to be creative within a certain musical frame, which makes practically each new single extremely unpredictable, especially when performed live.”

MRFY is the most successful Slovenian indie rock band of the past half decade. With a relaxed approach, witty attitude and unique aesthetic, the four-piece has developed an original contemporary rock sound that won over the Slovenian public. Their debut album Story (2018) was an important landmark for the local music scene as it inventively broadened the meaning of Slovenian indie rock. Many singles from their sophomore album Use (2022) have become major hits on the national radio Val 202. Last spring, the band returned to the studio for the third time and recorded their first album in English, which they plan on releasing in 2024.


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