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“KiKi’s debut album KRiKi is a gentle, intelligent and, in this regard, excellent album. It shows that only when we take life apart into the little cogwheels that hold it together, we can see its complexity. The artist’s vision has been translated into a pleasant listening experience that leaves you with a precious feeling of understanding and being understood.” Marko Miočić, RADIO ŠTUDENT

One of the most enchanting voices of the new wave of Slovenian folk and pop, KiKi is no doubt a project that speaks for itself. Through her theatrically crafted stories, which often sound like hidden confessions coming directly from her soul, KiKi voices out the secrets of domestic folklore and culture as well as her introspective musings. At the beginning of 2023, she released her debut album KRiKi, which she will perform live at MENT with a full band.

This performance is supported by UPBEAT.


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