Transborders Festival (co-curated by MENT!)

We were invited to co-curate the music programme of the Transborders festival on the Austrian / Slovenian border with KIÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark and the Elevate Festival. YGT, balans & Nightwave are the Slovenian artists joining the awesome line-up with Mavi Phoenix, Petrol Girls and others.


Transborders is a transdisciplinary art project themed around “Fluxus on the River” 100 years after the drawing of the border in the Treaty of Saint-Germain that examines and expands on the situation, histories and myths along the border with Slovenia up to the border triangle (Austria/Slovenia/Hungary).

In the form of a 72-hour happening, the exhibition format consists of a sequence of events in various places on the Austrian and Slovenian side. Permanent and temporary installations, interventions, performances and actions with and by residents will be enacted successively along the rivers Mur and Kutschenitza. Artists from various disciplines (visual arts, performance and music) will examine the situation in southern Styria and the fundamental social effects associated with drawing borders.

From installations that overgrow borders, a performance on Wittgenstein and the power of language, cruises on the Mur ferry, circling helicopters directed by a tattoo, bilingual workshops on language and music, graffiti workshops, lances rammed into the ground with a claim to ownership, art that floats on the border, to a short film competition and much more!

Language plays another key role, running through the musical programme. Music in particular is defined by transcultural influence based on the interaction of people and sound inspirations from all over the world.

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Produced by KIÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark
In cooperation with: Pavelhaus; Zollamt; ‘Norost na meji’; Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik; 
Elevate, MENT Ljubljana