Tommy Cash is coming to MENT! Can you believe me brother?

After Deerhoof had to cancel their European tour, including a show at MENT, due to illness, a void gaped in the opening night programme …

But! But … buuuuuuuuut!!!

The void will be plugged, sewn and shaken up by none other than TOMM¥ €A$H. The Baltic ghetto thirdborn, the post-Soviet professional rap superstar and the only rapper to swing his leg behind his head. Yeaaaaah! Tommy is the guy whose current song and self-produced video Winaloto got the internet moving. Straight from Estonia, at the height of his concert powers, a piercing conqueror of both Russian raves and Western festivals, accompanied by green lasers, Russian carpets and the colourful heritage of Russian and Baltic art and pop. Tommy Cash is coming like a hurricane, a humorous comment, a saviour of fashion quandaries or, in his own words: “The world is broken at the moment so I hope that you can escape from everything while watching our masterpiece.”

Can you believe me brother?