cellF w. Alexei Borisov/Kapelica moMENT

Friday, 2 Feb, 18:00 @ Kapelica Gallery (Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana)


cellF: Guy Ben-Ary, Darren Moore, Nathan Thompson, Andrew Fitch, Stuart Hodgetts, Mike Edel, Douglas Bakkum


Sonic event: installation, 30 Jan–7 Feb, 10:00–18:00


cellF is a neuronal synthesizer, the first autonomous so-called “wet-alogue” electronic instrument. The music performed by the participating musicians is transmitted to the neurons as a stimulus, with the neurons responding by triggering analogue synthesizers. The audience thus witnesses the improvised music of two living entities, man and disembodied human neuronal cells. Surrounded by 16 loudspeakers, Alexei Borisov, an icon of the Moscovian experimental music scene, will improvise through dialogue with the bionic instrument set up in the Kapelica Gallery.


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cellF was developed in and hosted by Symbiotica at the University of Western Australia.
Co-produced by: Kapelica Gallery/Kersnikova Institute, MENT Ljubljana
Supported by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the City of Ljubljana Department for Culture, the European Commission – Horizon 2020 (DITOs)