beehype @ MENT Ljubljana 2018

beehype is the most global music webzine. It’s run by more than 90 music journalists, bloggers, and DJs from all around the world. They collect and carefully select the best of their local scenes and present it to the global audience. Now beehype is stepping out of the web zone for the first time. At MENT Ljubljana 2018, it will host its first stage, the first beehype meeting, the first beehype talk, and a “Best Music Videos from around the World” session. beehype goes live @ MENT!


Friday, Feb 2, 20:00 @ Slovene Ethnographic Museum


Where else to host the stage of the most global music webzine than at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, where culture is archived, displayed and studied every day? For one night during MENT Ljubljana 2018, the Slovene Ethnographic Museum will serve as the beehype stage, featuring performances by three acts.


20:00 – KATJA ŠULC (Slovenia)

21:00 – MANIUCHA I KSAWERY (Poland)

22:00 – ANTROPOLOOPS (Spain)

BEEHYPE TALKS: Language and Music

Friday, Feb 2, 14:30 @ M Hotel AB


Host: Mariusz Herma (beehype, PL)

Speakers: Maniucha Bikont (artist, PL), Katja Šulc (artist, SI), Samir Čulić (BA), William Griffith (CN), Andrea Putz (AT), Aliaa El Shabrawy (AE), Ares Buras (GR), Justine Guimard (LX), Brett Summer (BE), Filip Olšovský (SK), Andraž Kajzer (SI)


Music is the universal language, and good songs translate without understanding the lyrics – these can tell awesome stories, as well as connect various regions or countries. beehype contributors and musicians from all around the world will present their local situations and anecdotes. In five-minute speeches, we’ll be able to hear stories of language barriers and specifics related to music and musicians. How come Slovenes consume so much Croatian and Serbian music, but not vice versa? How do the Austrians hear German lyrics from Germany? Are Czech singers popular in Slovakia? What about the multilingual countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg? What about the Middle East? What about China?

BEEHYPE PRESENTS: Best Music Videos from around the World

Thursday, Feb 1, 17:45 @ Komuna, Kino Šiška


There’s no doubt beehype contributors have a great overview of music video production from all over the world. In 60 minutes, we’ll see what they think are some of the best clips made in recent years. Sit down and enjoy!