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We recommend a hotel. To those who want to be first drinking coffee at the conference, we suggest M Hotel right next to Kino Šiška. Part of MENT conference takes place here!

Those who want to jump from the club directly into their beds should check out Celica (a former prison!), which is situated at the heart of Metelkova and the concert programme.

Close to the evening venues and the city centre is also B&B Hotel Park. You know, that one hotel next to… a park.

Midway between Kino Šiška and the centre, a block away from Klub K4, you can find Hotel Lev (Lion). Roar!



If you want total control over Kino Šiška, we recommend the restaurant Mexico Mediterra Place in the first floor of the building across the courtyard with its huge windows. Here, you can order Mexican food, various salads or pizza. We suggest the daily menu.

The restaurant Pri Vodniku is an authentic Slovenian old school inn just 5 minutes away from Kino Šiška – a perfect spot for those keen on trying traditional culinary specialities.

The double restaurant Maharaja / Himalaja is a haven for Asian cuisine just 5 minutes away from Kino Šiška. Maharaja serves Indian while Himalaja serves Nepalese food. At the former, you sit in chairs, at the latter, you relax on the floor.

Closest to the evening venues are Utrip with its fine selection of pizza and salads and DasIstValter with its traditional Bosnian specialities like pies, čevapi (a grilled dish of minced meat), sarma (stuffed cabbage) and the delicious baklava.

You can find more restaurants in the city centre, which is located less than three kilometres from Kino Šiška and just a kilometre away from Metelkova City.



A single bus journey costs 1.30 €. BUT! with a MENT wristband, all public buses (LPP) are free of charge. In the evening, you can also hop on the MENToBUS, a special line between Kino Šiška and Metelkova.

The average taxi fare between Kino Šiška and Metelkova (app. 3.5 km) will cost you about 4 €.

Starting fee (regular tariff): app. 1.00 €
Fare per kilometre (regular tariff): app. 0.90 €

Taxi Metro: (+386) 080 1190
Taxi Cammeo: (+386) 01 777 1212
Taxi Laguna: (+386) 080 1233 / 080 1117
Taxi Intertours: (+386) 031 311 311

Average prices:

– Meal at inexpensive restaurant: 8.00 €
– Meal at mid-range restaurant: 18.75 €
– Domestic beer (0.5 litre draught): 2.70 €
– Imported beer (0.33 litre bottle): 3.20 €
– Cappuccino (regular): 1.47 €
– Coke / Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle): 2.15 €
– Tap water is potable / a bottle of water in a bar: 1.58 €

Useful Slovenian phrases:

– Hello! / Dober dan.
– Goodbye. / Nasvidenje.
– Where is…? / Kje je…?
– Can I get a beer, please? / Eno pivo, prosim.
– Cheers! / Na zdravje!
– This band rocks! / Ta bend je zakon!
– I love MENT. / Ljubim MENT.

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