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Lineup Specials

KAMIZDAT Night @ MENT Ljubljana

Thursday, 2. 2., 20:30 @ Pritličje

With its night at MENT, Slovenian netlabel Kamizdat is announcing a series of events at Pritličje. The label, first established in 2006, was resurrected in 2013, when it started focusing on local authors of different and above all challenging electronic sounds. Its occasional physical releases are true limited edition rarities, uniquely designed and packaged. Kamizdat’s values are a DIY ethos, local action, free software, environmental awareness and critical theory. The label’s roster includes eternal sonic explorer Luka Prinčič aka Nova deViator, who is also the head of the label and half of Wanda & Nova deViator, a duo with Maja Delak. The Kamizdat Night event will feature Lifecutter, Kikiriki, Warrego Valles, Nova deViator and a special guest from abroad – Goto80 (Sweden).


visuals: VJ 5237


There’ll be a public discussion before the concerts:
Facebook event

Giro Night @ MENT Ljubljana

Friday, 3. 2., 01:00 @ Channel Zero

Despite the “Giro” compilation being released only in the second half of September, the music scene already knows what is represents – the coastal beatmaking scene, which is extremely diverse, both in terms of genres and recognition. “Giro” does not just lift the covers from bedroom beatmakers, it draws attention to the fact that it is the coast that birthed Gramatik, whose musical career is one of Slovenia’s success stories. The compilation was released by Jizah’s Beton Records and curated by another familiar character of the current coastal electronic scene, Blaž. At MENT 2017, the newly assembled team will showcase the compilation live for the first time, represented by .čunfa, Gregabytes, 2xp, Blaž and the newest member of the coastal crew, Šuljo, whose Giro baptism awaits.