Zicer Inc. (Serbia)


“Losing contact with reality is preferable.”
Desya Lovorov, HELLY CHERRY


Zicer Inc. is a hip hop collective that includes 5 MCs (Nihil, Spejs Noksi, Yan Dusk, Lavan, Milković), singer-songwriter Tam and DJ/producer Summer Deaths. The gang is focused on contemporary hip hop, but they draw influences from various eras, including everything between the varied alternative scenes of the 90s, extreme rock subgenres and electronic music. Last summer, they released the mixtape “Najbolji svet”, which helped them propel their career. Zicer Inc. gigs are infamous for their punch-drunk energy. Even though each of the members does his separate part, when on stage they function as a classic band. In the last year, the young collective has found its home in various clubs across Belgrade and Serbia, performing extensively at various regional festivals like EXIT, Nišville Jazz and Belgrade Beer Fest.

ZICER INC. (Serbia)
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