Wooden Whales (Russia)


“…the enjoyably chunksky-funksky Russian outfit Wooden Whales, whose frontwoman is so pleasingly Byrne/Curtis jerky that she eventually jerks right out into the audience, like an untethered washing machine.”

Si Hawkins, CLASH


In the city of Murmansk, situated on the extreme northwest of Russia at the edge of the arctic circle, lives a special kind of small creatures that produce piercing sounds. Wooden Whales’ most remarkable feature is the voice of frontwoman Svetlana, whose folkish delivery confidently dictates their dance of shoegaze synths, guitars, bass and drums. Their music is full of unexpected turns and contrasts. Consumed by psychedelic elation, she tirelessly shifts moods and guides us through waves of dream pop, but when on stage, she can hit you harder than the harshest of arctic winters.

Wooden Whales (Russia)
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