Wild Strings Trio (Slovenia/Slovakia/France)


“An art folk fusion crossroads between tradition, chamber music and also jazz.”

Peter Barbarič, ETNOFONIJA


Wild Strings is a collaborative music project between Slovenian ethno guitarist Aleksander Kuzmić, Slovak jazz violinist Petra Onderufová and French classical cellist Toby Kuhn. Taking inspiration from Balkan and Celtic traditions, jazz and classical music, and of course flamenco, the trio has created an informed and energetic blend of styles that intrigues and delights audiences everywhere. They have performed around Europe and also as far as Iran and Uzbekistan. The trio feels at home both in concert halls, jazz clubs and on festival stages. Their debut “Lost Weekend” was released in 2016. It was followed by their sophomore album “Bendjistan” in 2019. 

WILD STRINGS TRIO (Slovenia/Slovakia/France)
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