Trupa Trupa (Poland)


“The rare dystopian post-punk band to embrace optimism and levity as necessary survival mechanisms. Trupa Trupa may not have the perfect prescription for a better world, but they welcome you to imagine one together.”
Stuart Berman, PITCHFORK


“A revelation. ★★★★★,” wrote Morning Star’s Michal Boncza of “Of the Sun”, the fifth album from Polish rock quartet Trupa Trupa, released on Glitterbeat Records. Then Iggy Pop played some of their tracks on his BBC 6 show. Meanwhile, Jim McGuinn (The Current) couldn’t stress enough how many times he had rinsed this excellent album that combes influences of Radiohead, Mogwai, Syd Barrett and Explosions in the Sky. This Gdansk-based band, which first caught our attention in 2015, is apparently on the right path. Their sound is both simple and complex. Essentially minimalist in structure, their tracks effortlessly meander between post-hardcore, shoegaze and post-rock, creating a contagiously magical compound of sounds and dispositions.

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Trupa Trupa (Poland)
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