Terranigma live (Slovenia)


“No pitifulness or nostalgia, just a smart and defined taste for contemporary music […].”
Miroslav Akrapović, ODZVEN

Terranigma is the alias of DJ / producer Črt Trkman, also known as Freeverse, who has been active on the local scene for the past 10 years. Terranigma is a throwback to his youth and a nod to the influences, which set him on his musical path. This is manifested through intricately arranged jungle breaks floating somewhere between UK aesthetics and the classic electro sounds of the early noughties. He has released music on the compilation “Gibanica Vol. 2” and EP “Booster Pack”, out on Kamizdat. MENT 2020 is happy to host the premiere of his new live set!

Terranigma live (Slovenia)
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