ШТАДТ (Russia, Ukraine)


“This kind of music – drum machine, industrial, synths, vocals drowned in reverb, is blood of Russian people but STADT has different animal energy, which others lack.”


STADT (rus. “ШТАДТ”) is an assault of beats from a rhythm machine, fast pulsating synths and Slavic vocals caught between suffering and angst. Some attendees of this year’s Moscow Music might have had the luck to experience his show, a mixture of EBM and darkwave tension. Despite many technical problems, STADT displayed full dedication to his art, desperately yelling his head off, dancing passionately, hammering on a cauldron and persuading people in the first row to sing along. STADT always brings his music to the brink of chaos and his performances to the ultimate physical threshold… a hypnotizing experience to say the least. 

Stadt (Russia, Ukraine)
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