Skinny Pelembe (United Kingdom)


»At times powerful and timeless, at other times they reduce to almost hushed whispers – there is a quality to his voice that keeps you hooked. This is the power of Skinny Pelembe and “Dreaming is Dead Now”.«
Nick Roseblade, CLASH


Johannesburg-born Skinny Pelembe is a multi-talented wonder, who crafts patchworks of personal and musical touchstones. First debuting in 2017, he’s honed a distinctive musical style; memories and observations are weaved together, sun-dazzled California folk is blended into the murkier corners of the UK dance lineage. He celebrates flawed, post-recession Britain, exalting the UK in all of its imperfect, contradictory realities. His debut album “Dreaming Is Dead Now” came out last May. Since then, he’s been tipped by The Observer, The Quietus, Huck and others. It’s a rare kind of debut record – the kind where the messy, in-between musical spaces are given space to shine, where hitherto untapped tangents are unfurled to see what might be found inside.

Skinny Pelembe (United Kingdom)
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