Shekuza (Slovenia)


»Albums like Shekuza’s “De Sica” are expeditions into the boundless unknown.«
Pavel Lipovšek, RADIO ŠTUDENT


Slovenian sonic wizard, DJ, composer and keyboardist Miha Šajina aka Shekuza has been creating music for ages. While he is best known for his bands Moveknowledgement and EWOK and his scores for the animated series Koyaa, Šajina now spends most of his time exploring modular synthesis and contemporary electronic music. He recently released his debut album “De Sica”, an intriguing mix of modular techno and cosmic IDM… and probably the best Slovenian electronic music debut in years. At MENT 2020, he will present a special modular live set, accompanied by classical percussionist Marko Jugovic and VJ Lina Rica.

Slovene INES#TALENT 2020

Shekuza (Slovenia)
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