ŠećeЯ (Croatia)


“Always interesting, always different and always completely unique, all this could be said for this performance as well we are always glad to hear and see her.” 

Boris Abramović, MUSIC-BOX.HR


How to keep your sugar cravings at bay? We’ve found the ultimate answer – the music of Croatian artist, multiinstrumentalist and ex-Vlasta Popić member Tena Rak aka ŠećeЯ (“Sugar”), served in the form of fairy-tale folktronica. Her debut album and EP from 2018 showcased Tena’s experimental inclinations on acoustic guitar and her soft silky voice. The recently released new material brings forth a new emphasis on echoes and pre-sequencing, a result of collaborations with various regional artists. Her gigs are now further enhanced with a special dance performance that has already been successfully presented throughout a wider southeastern European region.

ŠećeЯ (Croatia)
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