Rush to Relax (Slovenia/North Macedonia)


“Damjan Manevski is responsible for this brilliant slice of DIY jangle that manages to cavort just around the fringes of ‘proper weird’, without ever really threatening to cross such potentially dismissive boundaries.”



Rush to Relax is a solo project that developed after a bunch of failed bands. Damjan’s music, deeply rooted in a DIY mindset and under heavy influence of the global rock’n’roll heritage, brings the warmth and intimacy of home-recorded music. The project’s debut cassette was released in early September 2019 by Ljubljana’s very own Look Back And Laugh label and was followed by two regional mini-tours. His stripped-down and energetic performances that include only an electric guitar, vocals and some pre-recorded material, are a beautiful example of DIY creativity. There’s no point if you only rush to relax.

RUSH TO RELAX (Slovenia/North Macedonia)
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