Ottone Pesante (Italy)


“If brass players’ kids decided to have a band, it would sound like Ottone Pesante.”

Brigita Gračner, RADIO ŠTUDENT


The quirky lineup of trumpet, trombone and drums makes Ottone Pesante one of the most out-there heavy brass outfits of the moment and also one of the pioneers of Brass metal / Brasscore. Since 2015, the trio has released an EP, a split album, a couple of full-lengths and a book of scores from their 2016 album “Brassphemy”. In the meantime, they have played more than 350 shows in 18 countries. Their cross-genre sound, informed by metal, jazz, brass orchestras, the avant-garde and every kind of rock, makes them a great listen for people with pretty diverse tastes. Ottone Pesante is the one band both your metalhead and jazz buff friend will love.  

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