Odd ID (Hungary)


“Ethnofil (now Odd ID) is an electrofolk jewel, obsolete and modern, driving you from valleys of soft-jazz to rollercoasters of prog-rock, before it ends in a furiously epic Hungarian folk.”

Philippe Duverger, LA LAPIN BLANC

The Odd ID (ex-Ethnofil) sound blends genres ranging from jazz-rock to downtempo electronica, taking you on a trip across the universe of improvised musicality – without compromise! The group – awarded “Grand Prize” of A38 Talentometer out of 650 Hungarian bands – has become an integral part of the Budapestian underground music scene but it has been actively touring Europe as well. They released their latest album “Azimut” in autumn, combining psychedelic pop, progressive rock, jazz and electronics into an otherworldly musical experience.

Odd ID (Hungary)
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