Naked (Serbia)


“The Belgrade-based band created the imaginary exile-state of Nakedonia in which the wind blows, birds and crickets chirp, and the sounds of a rattle connect the past with the present.”
Sergej Komnenić, JAZZIN


Naked stands for openness, freedom, hope and love, values that have inspired this Serbian band since day one. Playing a unique mix of traditional Balkan music, African and Eastern European traditions, urban trends, swing, funk, bebop and free-jazz, they have released four albums and performed around the world, from Chile to Korea. After their upcoming American tour, they will finally perform at MENT. Naked create their captivating stripped-down sound using only a violin, saxophone and clarinet, which are accompanied by upbeat bass lines and tight drums. All About Jazz calls their music a labour of love and describes them as a mesmerising unit, a collective whose musical syntax continues to suggest that there are not several musicians here but one.

NAKED (Serbia)
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