My Ugly Clementine (Austria)


“OMG, what a supergroup!!!”



My Ugly Clementine is a project by vocalist Sophie Lindinger, member of the internationally acclaimed electro pop act Leyya with which she performed at the first edition of MENT. She is joined by another MENT affiliate, Mira Lu Kovacs from the bands 5K HD and Schmieds Puls, Kathrin Kolleritsch aka Kerosin95 and Barbara Jungreithmeie. Their post-punk approach is one of blending pop catchiness, mischievous guitar interplays and cheerful hooks, creating a remarkably fresh and elegant strain of indie rock. Their first show in May was sold out in less than 24 hours, even before the release of their debut single! The girls are already playing bigger festival stages and we are really stoked to hear their debut full length, out in 2020.

My Ugly Clementine (Austria)
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