Market (Czech Republic)


“The blend of paranoid, U.K. inspired indie may flirt with improvisational free jazz figures here and there, but the unmistakable pop drive makes them a clear standout among the contemporary guitar-meets-electronics bands on the Czech scene.”

Radio Wave

This bunch of rascals, who strongly defies any attempt of categorization, was declared by Fullmoon Magazine one of the best new groups on the Czech independent scene. Market play with different shades of art rock, post-punk and even hip hop. During shows, this quintet of multi-instrumentalists regularly switches between various instruments. Their debut album “Art Star” will certainly resonate with fans of King Krule, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the band Squid.

Supported by INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases INES#TALENT 2020

MARKET (Czech Republic)
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